DENVER METAL FINISHING not only provides quality and economical plating, but also offers customer service that is second to none. Because personalized attention is given to each and every customer in a way that can only be afforded by a family-owned business. Our customer list is comprised of small, satisfied businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies. Commitment to our customers is a long-standing tradition with the Morgan family for over 40 years, and is a trademark of DENVER METAL FINISHING.

We offer dependable delivery to any location. The Shipping and Receiving Departments of DENVER METAL FINISHING can meet the strictest packing needs to assure your parts are properly protected. We can also ship in bulk to meet the tightest budget.

DENVER METAL FINISHING will be happy to assist you during a schedule crunch or in solving your finishing problems. We have no doubt that you will appreciate the commitment and friendly personalized service from our family business, while taking advantage of the capabilities one of the largest plating and finishing facility in the Rocky Mountain Region. Satisfaction guaranteed!

• Finish Recommendations
• Quality Control
• Prototype Testing
• Finishes to your Specifications

• Personalized Customer Service
• Attention to Detail and
• Critical Specifications
• Consistent Quality Management

• Bulk Plating for Industrial Applications
• Economical without Sacrificing Quality
• Brackets and Hardware:
• Thousands Plated at Once
• Automated Consistency

• Decorative and Industrial Plating
• High Volume Economy and Quality
• Mechanically Consistent Finishes

• Zinc Plating to 15.5 ft.
• Hard Chrome Plating to 9.5 ft.
• Decorative Chrome Plating to 7.5 ft.
• Anodize Clear or Color to5 ft.

• Protective Packing Available
• Economical Bulk Shipping
• Dependable Delivery to Any Location